Caminemos Juntos


How can design address misconceptions about homelessness?

The Road I Walk is storytelling project created with Jovenes Inc, a center for homeless youth in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles. In response to misconceptions about homelessness, youth from Jovenes wrote about their life, struggles, goals and perspective. Contributing to The Road I Walk were three writers; Kevin, Marlon, and Lorenzo. Their work was presented in a community event called Caminemos Juntos. The interactive gallery show exhibited their song along with images, lyrics, and video of each of the songwriters triggered by an Arduino foot sensor.

The song and media were produced in an 8-week long partnership in which writing, poetry, photography, verbal expression and teamwork were explored. The young men composed lyrics and worked together to develop them into a song. Using visual documentation, writing and audio recording from the eight weeks, videos were developed to serve as visual aids in Caminemos Juntos.

Morgan Marzec
Tina L. Zeng
Kevin, Lorenzo, and Marlon

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Step in to the shoes of homeless youth with Media Design Practices